Lil G On The Track Was Born To Be a Music Producer and Make Beats: He Has Built an Extensive Network of Artists and Producers Who He Shares His Music With

When opportunities in life present themselves they must be taken because most likely that train will not return and then there will be regrets. Opportunities often surprise us and come from things we would not think about. This is the case of Lil G On The Track.

Lil G On The Track, a native of Richmond, Virginia, has been working in the music production industry for over seven years. He is a renowned music producer, creator of countless hits and next level impactful beats.

When Lil G recalls his story to success, it goes back to one Sunday when he accompanied his father to church. There his father introduced him to a family who lived next door. Soon after, he struck up a friendship with one of the family’s children named Kevon. 

We became close friends, played basketball and rode bikes around the neighborhood to get to know him, his parents and his younger sister even better.” Lil G recounts.

On one occasion, Kevon’s mother told him he could spend the night at their house. That night, Kevon showed him some music he had been making. And it was then that everything changed for Lil G. 

First he opened up his laptop and laid down a beat. He was working with FL Studio software and I asked, ‘how did you do that’ and he said ‘it’s very easy.’ I told him that I had to learn it. I thought learning how to make beats would be great. He taught me everything I know now. Since then I haven’t stopped making beats.” Lil G shares.

Today, Lil G On The Track dedicates his time to music production. He makes beats from home, sends them to artists so they listen to them, and if an artist uses it, he registers and records it. 

His main motivation to work in this industry was seeing all the possibilities after learning how to make beats. From there, he started building a network of artists and producers. 

“One of the biggest challenges when starting a business in the music industry is receiving attention and finding people who commit to your production.” Lil G explains.

For everything people do in life they have to be mentally prepared to face the possible obstacles that may arise, so that they do not become paralyzed or abandon their path.

“Mindset is important because you want to make sure that the mentality is in the dream you want to fulfill and act on it to see the best possible results.” He says.

When it comes to fear, Lil G understands that fear is something natural and that it can serve as protection from danger. But at the same time, when it comes to business, fear does not always play in people’s favor. For Lil G, fear means “losing, not taking risks, being afraid of falling.”

On the other hand, Lil G sees success not as having a lot of money or a lot of material goods. He also does not see it as having fame or being recognized by a lot of people.

“Success for me means winning, having confidence, when the traffic light turns green, when God opens a path for whatever you’ve been fighting for.” He states.

Unlike other music producers or beatmakers out there, Lil G differentiates himself because he has a very characteristic sound. He always stays in his lane and is himself and no one else.

In the future, he plans to continue producing and sending beats to artists, while expanding his network to work with other artists and producers. Find out more about Lil G On The Track here.