Christian Sandoval – A Credit Repair Expert Who Is Helping People Break Down The Barriers Imposed By Bad Credit

Christian Sandoval knows all too well the limits that are imposed on one’s success if you have bad credit. Having personally experienced the frustration of not being able to qualify for many things or getting a ridiculously high interest as a result of his credit, Christian was inspired to help others who are going through similar situations. Bad credit is like a vicious cycle – people make late payments because they are having some sort of financial difficulty, then this badly affects their credit, which in turn makes them have to pay more interest because their credit is not at a “healthy” level. 

“What inspired me originally was fixing my own credit, while I started to see my own success, I decided that this is what I wanted to do and help others that do not know where to go and how credit and money works,” states Christian. 

His own struggles motivated Christian to get involved in the credit repair business. He is now dedicated to creating opportunities for other people by increasing their credit. This in turn helps them get approved for a home more easily, a car they may be looking to purchase, or other types of loans they may need. 

“I have compassion for my clients and help ensure they get the credit score they deserve and make sure that their credit has helped them save money. When I started to see my own credit go up as well as seeing my clients credit rating going up. It was a wonderful feeling,” shares Christian. 

Christian truly loves what he does, as he is passionate about helping and teaching people how and what they can do to keep their credit up, as well as educating them on how bureaus work and what mistakes to avoid. Going from his own financial struggles to financial independence as an entrepreneur has taught Christian many lessons. One of these lessons was the importance of mentorship in the process. Accumulating wealth can be easy, however, in order to get to the next level, humility and surrounding yourself with the right people are key. 

“No matter how much success you have, there is so much more to learn, if you are committed to success, you must become a student of the game and of life,” says Christian. 

Looking back, Christian acknowledges that his mentor Leo Lesnikovsky played a huge role in his success, as he pushed him to remain disciplined and held him accountable. Christian chose, against all odds, to continue to grow both financially and spiritually, which has led him to where he is today. As such, he encourages other entrepreneurs to do the same. 

“Always take chances and never feel guilty for your success because when you put in the work and the late nights and you are consistent with everything you do, success will follow. One consistent step after the other,” shares Christian. 

Throughout this year, Christian will continue to scale at a larger level and work on having a larger reach to bigger audiences. By continuing to build his business, he hopes to keep educating people on how credit works, and in turn have those people continue to share their experiences and spread the word amongst their communities. 

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