In a Difficult to Navigate World of Cannabis and CBD, Cannicheck and Cannabiz Collects are Joining Forces to Ensure Cannabis and CBD Businesses are Taken Care of.

The cannabis and CBD industry has skyrocketed since many states made it legal to sell medicinal or recreational marijuana. However, the world of cannabis and CBD is still a relatively new one in our modern understanding of entrepreneurship. Many people are still not quite sure what steps to take, how to take them, and how to get ahead in a market that so many people are looking to join every day. 

For all of those people, a new partnership has been created that will rock the world of cannabis. Cannabiz Collects and Cannicheck are joining forces to create a new business to be reckoned with in the ever growing cannabis industry.

Cannicheck is a unique business that is offering business profiles, scores, and ratings based on a business’ data and statistical indicators in order to leverage the power of your strategic decision-making. Helping businesses identify the best practices is the name of their game and they can create the best business profile for you.

Cannabiz Collects is the first and leading U.S. based full service collection and accounts receivable agency specializing in the legal cannabis industry. With over 35 years of experience under their belt, CBC is uniquely equipped to handle cannabis related accounts throughout the U.S.

Together the two businesses are making sure that your business both makes money and is given the money that it is owed. Together, the two arms of Cannabiz Collects and Cannicheck are providing a new home and safety net for people looking to get their foot in the door of the cannabis or CBD industry.
To find out more about each business, check out Cannabiz Collects and Cannicheck here.