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We use Strikezon, the best premium indoor baseball simulator in the world, to offer a completely new and interactive indoor baseball and entertainment experience in America

Through it´s new Partnership Program, Batbox will be bringing baseball closer to people, by partnering with venues across America, from restaurants and sports bar to entertainment venues and sports complex, that are looking to add a profitable and attractive business unit to their venues, offering the ultimate entertainment experience for their guests, monetizing unused spaces and maximizing their income.

Batbox will be offering venues across America the opportunity to add the best premium baseball simulator in their existing business with $0.00 investment and 0% risk. Batbox will give businesses the opportunity to add a new profitable business unit, a great attraction and a huge revenue generator into their existing business and create multiple benefits to them like attracting new customers by offering a new attraction and entertainment, create loyalty through leagues and tournaments, having a new, enhancing and visual tool for marketing and social media and generate more F&B income

Strikezon technology provides the most realistic, fun and accessible indoor baseball game you will ever experience. Software allows up to 18 players to compete in 2 teams in 4 different game modes. Choose to play 3,6 or 9 innings, a home-run derby or a pitching challenge, creating a high-energy, social and competitive atmosphere.

Now more than ever, restaurants and entertainment businesses are looking to find innovative ways of offering new experiences to their customers. By adding Batbox to your business, you’ll be able to target a new market and maximize profits in your existing venue.

America’s national pastime, baseball, has more than +170 million fans, is the highest ticket selling sport in the US and is one the fastest growing sports for kids 12 and under, yet it has never been approached this way before. Add Batbox and grow the game of baseball by creating a nationwide community of sports fans that will enjoy the game in those trending spots in the city.Apply for Batbox Partnership Program here and follow them in IG @batboxusa.