BNEFIT and VIP Media are Hosting the VIP Mastermind 2022

In the year 2021, the public relations firm VIP media held it’s most important event of the year “VIP Mastermind 2021,” which brought together great personalities from the entrepreneurship and business industry such as Adam Jablin, Lisa Collum, David Meltzer, Tim Storey, and Heather Monahan.

This year, Jose Aristimuño, the CEO of VIP Media and former Deputy National Press Secretary for the Democratic Party, has decided to bring back the event with speakers and personalities of the same category who will talk about important areas such as marketing, money, and mindset. The “VIP Mastermind 2022” will take place on August 26th in Miami.

Moreover, Aldo López, business coach, entrepreneur and CEO of BNEFIT is partnering with VIP Media to produce the unprecedented and invaluable event of the year. BNEFIT is a Dubai-based company that offers products and services in the world of crypto assets, digital marketing, investment and metaverse. 

BNEFIT also offers financial education services on digital business, alternative finance, and much more. Their mission is to create a parallel universe with its own economy based on its currency with an ecosystem through which people can access unique investment products and compensation plans.

The BNEFIT Corporation has managed to consolidate itself as a company with a presence in four continents and 21 countries, and a community of more than six thousand associates who have been transforming their lives and achieving their entrepreneurial dreams.

The VIP Mastermind is a conference for entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to discover how to market both their brand and their business, make money, and have the right mindset to achieve health, wealth and happiness,” Jose Aristimuño says.

Many times, there are businessmen and women who over the years attend different events with the purpose of going one step further and getting to the next level in their professions, to be a little closer to their goals.

However, many times they also feel that they don’t have the right balance between how to market their brand or business, make money, and have the right mindset to keep them happy in the process.

The ‘VIP Mastermind 2022’ presents to participants the path of dozens of entrepreneurs who are already successful in their own way so it can inspire you and show you that it is possible. Each speaker will talk about the simple steps to follow so others can reach their biggest goals. You can make money, market your brand and be happy, all at the same time,” Jose Aristimuño comments.

VIP Mastermind 2022 will feature keynote speakers such as Tim Storey acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach; Paul Getter, an author, speaker, and investor; Chris and Aleyna Groves, serial entrepreneurs and founders/directors of Groves Capital; Erika Garcia, serial entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of CancunCards. com; Andy Audate, business marketing expert and president/founder of Audate Media; Bruce Moncada and Yahaira Solano; serial entrepreneurs and CEOs of Shop Yahaira among others. 

The attendees of the conference will learn strategies from the smartest minds of entrepreneurs who will teach business growth strategies that help and guide people on ways to make more money. 

We are bringing in top marketing experts to teach attendees the latest trends in marketing, branding, and public relations in the industry,” Jose Aristimuño recounts.

VIP Mastermind 2022 will take place on August 26th at the Aka Brickell Hotel, located at 1395 Brickell Avenue in Miami. If you want to know more about VIP Mastermind 2022, please click here.