Greg Scheinman Learned A Lot from His Struggles. It Helped Him Become a Great Entrepreneur. Find Out More Below.

Having been through hardship and or struggle can have a profound impact on people’s lives. Whether for better or worse, these moments tend to change people drastically. This was the case for Greg Scheinman who has been through many periods of difficulty including losing his dad. 

“I lost my father in my teens, experienced the imprisonment of my brother, I’ve struggled with weight, alcohol, hair loss, body image (warning: today I rarely wear a shirt when I work out), anxiety, and self-confidence. I’ve seen too many unhappy, unfulfilled, unhealthy men including my father, squander their lives, time, careers, relationships, health and wealth by being complacent, conforming, accepting,” Greg recounts.

Though Greg had a turbulent start to life, these moments inspired him to create something bigger. What he saw in his father, he unfortunately saw in other men too. He wanted to create a new business and lifestyle that focused on middle aged men who were desperately in need of this sort of attention.

“I help men maximize middle age. Performance Coaching.

I also advise, consult, and invest in the brands that help these men the most. I’m an author,   speaker and I put out a kickass podcast and newsletter every week,” Greg explains.

However, many of us don’t think of middle aged men as people in crisis. Rather, we focus our efforts on helping other age groups around them, but never stop to think about this middle group that we are neglecting. This is why Greg thinks his business is crucial; he is helping those who often do not get the help they need or deserve to get back into the full swing of life.

“This is exactly who I am. Midlife Males need help. There’s nobody that speaks to them who is authentic, relatable, credible, trustworthy, vulnerable and aspirational. I’ve had all the ups and downs and at 49 finally able to share and be of service and value.  I’ve had the entrepreneurial highs and lows, I was stuck in the corporate world for years.  I was fit, then fat, now fit again! I’m a husband, father, provider and struggle with the same issues as other midlife males, yet have found a proven model to live better, healthier, happier, wealthier and stronger than ever,” Greg states.

Greg is able to separate out his ideas and his business from others by just focusing on being authentically himself and not caring about the competition around him. Rather than worrying about others, he focuses on bettering himself to make his goals and dreams come true.

“I differentiate myself by not being in competition in the first place. By just being myself. By living my message. By being authentic, genuine, transparent, vulnerable and real.  There’s only one me so as long as I’m true to myself then that makes me different from everyone else out there.  There’s room for everyone to succeed so I don’t really see competition, I focus on opportunities,” Greg says.

Greg has many other big opportunities coming up in the coming months. To keep up with it all, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.