CEO of BNEFIT Aldo Lopez announces alliance with Florida Global University.

BNEFIT Global Corp, a Fintech company based in Seychelles dedicated to disruptive online education and the creation of a parallel business UNIVERSE as they call it, added a certification endorsed by the prestigious Florida Global University to its educational offer.

Bnefit Academy, the subsidiary of Bnefit Global Corp, dedicated to continuous disruptive education, signs this alliance with its CEO Aldo Lopez

“Today we take a giant step in the right direction…”

Bnefit Academy has an online academy in Crypto Assets, Digital Marketing and soon Trade.

Through pre-recorded modules and live workshops every week, they prepare their associates in the world of disruptive business.

“Digital money is not the future, is the present, cryptocurrencies have democratized the financial world and returned power to the people”, says Aldo Lopez

Bnefit Academy also offers its associates through the MLM model the power to generate income by selling the courses it offers.

“We are the first MLM company with online education that allows you to receive a certificate endorsed by an American university, registered in the state of Florida,” says Aldo Lopez.

Bnefit Global Corp also developed its own BNFC Token, which is now in the BETA stage. It will later become a coin with its own blockchain.

Bnefit offers Smart Contracts within Bnefit invest and will soon launch its NFT WOLFE PLANET collection, thus completing the fourth business vertical of 6 that it will have in 2022.

“We will continue to innovate because today’s world belongs to innovators,” said Aldo Lopez.