Ÿwän Delice is a Businessman and Entrepreneur Who Manages The Web Secret, a Platform That Teaches and Empowers Entrepreneurs To Start Their Online Business

Since the emergence of the internet, the world has taken a 180-degree turn and many things have changed for the better. New forms of communication appeared as well as new ways of doing business.

In a world so agitated and in constant evolution, it is no longer necessary to have a place to sell your products, and even in some cases it is not even necessary to have the products at hand. 

Watson Delice, also known as Ÿwän, is a businessman and entrepreneur who manages The Web Secret, a platform that teaches and empowers entrepreneurs to start their online business and can make big profits

In the digital world of the internet, business is faster and companies can reach a greater number of people. Many companies due to Covid have had to migrate to the digital world and adapt to the way they market their goods and services. 

Many people dream of having their own business and website, although not everyone knows the secrets needed to achieve a successful online business. Fortunately, there are people who do have that know-how and are willing to share it.

My team and I manage 14 online stores.” Ÿwän says. He got into the digital business world because he was motivated to get out of poverty and wanted to provide a better future and quality of life for his children.

Ÿwän is a native of the Dominican Republic and grew up in Haiti. At the age of eleven, he emigrated with his father to the United States where from a very young age he led a hard life.

In his teenage years, he became independent and some of his first jobs were as a dishwasher and busboy, when it was time to attend college, he used to walk two and a half hours to his university on different occasions under the seasonal rains of Florida. 

It was in 2017 that Ÿwän while he was browsing Facebook came across an advertisement from a person who said. could teach people how to make money and so at that point, Ÿwän jumped into it. Since then, he has been in the dropshipping business, selling Sevo Tea from Native Natural Tea Supply. 

During the COVID season, I bought the brand from the manufacturer, and now it’s my own company.” Ÿwän adds.

Ÿwän also has a marketing agency in the state of Florida from where he helps both large and small businesses get more customers.

With his platform The Web Secret, he teaches other Haitians how to use the internet to make money and improve their lives. He teaches dropshipping classes in different languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Creole.

Ÿwän teaches dropshipping and social media marketing in order to help as many people as possible to achieve success through the internet. He has partnered with an international bank in order to give each of his students a Matercard that serves as a tool to receive and make payments online, which has been revolutionary in Haiti where thanks to the efforts of Ÿwän there is a growing number of Haitian entrepreneurs.

The Web Secret is the platform that all people who want to venture into ecommerce and dropshipping should visit as they offer high-quality services such as ecommerce creation sites, social media management and advertising, and content marketing. 

About 90% of internet users buy with a competitor after a bad experience on a website. About 75% of Internet users rely on social networks to make a purchase decision.” Ÿwän states.

The services offered by The Web Secret are invaluable because companies that invest in this type of service get six times more conversions than those that do not. In addition, the content marketing team also optimizes website content for SEO content, which results in more people finding blog posts, detailed articles and more.

These and many other excellent quality services are offered by The Web Secret, which is definitely a platform that “must” be the number one reference when you want to start in the world of e-commerce.

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