US Court orders to start the process of confiscation of a Venezuelan plane detained in Argentina

The Court of the District of Columbia, in the United States, authorized the beginning of the process of confiscation of the plane of the Venezuelan state Emtrasur held since June at the Ezeiza International Airport, in Argentina.

The Boeing 747-300 had been sold by the Iranian airline Mahan Air to the Venezuelan company. The US justice considers that it was an illegal operation because the transfer violates a law that requires that the purchase and sale of goods manufactured with US technology, such as Boeing, must be authorized by the country.

The aircraft is being held in Argentina at the request of the United States, but until a few weeks ago it also had an embargo request from the local justice system.

Both the plane and the 19 crew members who arrived on board in Argentina were investigated for alleged connections with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran and possible terrorist activity; however, the Argentine judge intervening in the case ruled that the Iranian and Venezuelan crew members, who recently left the country, lacked merit.

Last week, the United States government, through the District Attorney of Columbia, had requested the extinction of ownership of the Boeing 747-300.

Argentina could comply with the order of the Court of the District of Columbia within the framework of bilateral cooperation agreements.

In August, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, criticized both the Argentine and US justices for the retention of the plane, and argued that there is no longer “respect for the sovereignty” of the countries during a speech broadcast on state television Venezuelan Television (VTV).