Pioneering New Ways of Income Generation: The Journey of Matthew Footner and His Groundbreaking Ventures

Matthew Footner, with his extensive experience as a financial advisor in international markets such as Brussels, Abu Dhabi, and Tokyo, noticed a significant lack of transparency in his industry. Recognizing that clients yearned for this transparency, he decided to pivot his career after many years in the field.

Leveraging his vast experience, Matthew embarked on the creation of a passive income product, harnessing the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. This venture has blossomed into a global business, serving clients across five continents, and enabling Matthew to earn a six-figure income while dedicating just two hours a day to work.

His inaugural offering, the FX AI Income Solution, is designed to provide individuals with a fully passive income stream.

“I looked at the model and drilled down to what is the best way to give clients what they want. Transparency—transparency in fees, transparency in their portfolio Access to their cash with no fees, and very limited restrictions on withdrawals. Finally, let the client have decent returns on their investments,” says Matthew.

In his professional environment, he observed a peculiar trend where only 1% of the sales team consistently outperformed the rest. Upon further investigation, he found that the key differentiators were mindset, regular goal reassessment, honed sales skills, diligent work, and a commitment to reading industry-specific literature. 

Emulating these practices, he ascended to this elite group, subsequently earning over a million dollars annually.

“Now the question was, how could I refine this to help other ambitious people reach seven figures per year using modern technology?” Matthew pondered. 

Beyond his impressive business acumen, Matthew places significant importance on mindset. He believes that possessing a victorious mentality and maintaining positivity are crucial. According to him, these traits, along with the ability to manage stress and navigate challenges, are akin to muscles – they can be honed and strengthened with practice.

Drawing inspiration from the core principles found in renowned self-help literature, he devised a solution in the form of an application named This application offers a collection of over 50 audio resources, including deep hypnosis and conscious hypnosis conversational messages, designed to foster resilience, conquer the fear of failure, and combat procrastination among its users. Additionally, the app features motivational videos from other successful individuals to further inspire its users.

“Although the solutions we offer are to help clients win a totally passive income or a solution for ambitious people to exceed their income goals, I manage a client service business. Give customers what they want, and as a byproduct, I earn, and my business grows,” Matthew explains.

Matthew often found himself at odds with the conventional employee mindset, believing he could surpass his superiors. This distinctive trait, coupled with his audacious personality and an unflinching lack of fear of failure, sparked a brilliant idea that he decided to pursue. 

With an initial investment of less than $100, he embarked on his AI business venture. His entrepreneurial journey saw him earning five figures in the first year, and remarkably, exceeding $1 million in the second year.

“The biggest obstacle is always “YOU.” I have challenges; I move forward; I have obstacles that seem insurmountable; I find the way. With a winning mentality, everything can be achieved. Don’t get stuck with other people questioning him. Don’t listen to those who say no. If you believe in it, do it! “You can’t swim in the ocean with one foot on the beach,” Matthew details.

Matthew’s current endeavors are centered around his latest enterprises: a venture dedicated to investing in luxury yacht rentals, and a chain of four restaurants situated in Brussels, London, Paris, and Milan, each embodying a unique Japanese concept. Additionally, he is exploring investment prospects in picturesque Italian villas. 

These properties cater to those seeking the allure of ‘la dolce vita’ and tap into the burgeoning vacation rental market in the relatively undiscovered Italian region of Umbria, a cost-effective alternative to its renowned neighbor, Tuscany.

“Fear is a state of mind. We know we are going to have challenges; sometimes we need to give ourselves time to process the challenges, but once processed, move on. Building success will not be achieved without both negative and positive tensions. So what?!” Matthew exclaims.

For those aspiring to start their own business, Matt advocates signing up on the app to cultivate the right mindset and overcome fear. He underscores that challenges are inevitable and require time to be addressed, but once resolved, it’s crucial to move forward. 

He also encourages individuals not to be swayed by the opinions or actions of others, but to strive to uphold their integrity, as they will be judged by others and themselves. To stay updated with Matthew’s future endeavors and the expansion of his businesses, you can visit his website for FX AI and Maximum