Matt Footner Created Products for the Two Extremes: Passive Income Earners and Intense Sales People Who Want to Be Involved. Find Out More Below.

For many people, the nine to five work life isn’t for them. The idea of showing up to an office, punching in and out, and then repeating day after day is something that they never want to do in their lives. In addition, in the pandemic, many people found out there were new ways to make income that involved work outside of the general desk job.

Matthew Footner is one of those people who works outside of the traditional boundaries of what is considered a job. He works in a world that allows him to make passive income, work only two hours a day, and has helped him become a six figure earner in a short time.

Matt first created FX AI Income Solution. Created from his own experience in the financial world where clients were often kept in the dark and had no idea what the proper steps were to achieve financial success, FX AI Income Solution offers a transparent alternative.

“Transparency- transparency to fees, transparency to their portfolio. Access to their cash with no fees/ and very limited restrictions on withdrawals. Finally, let the client have decent returns on their investments. There are now many AI solutions available on the market that allow the outdated model to be sent to its own retirement. This then allowed me to develop a model for people that want to lead a fully passive income lifestyle. Where, they can travel and still earn, they can lie on a beach and still earn, during covid when we were all off work, the passive income took the stress from parents, husbands, wives and their families,” Matt explains.

However, Matt is not just a one trick pony. In addition to helping himself and others make passive income, Matt also created a second business based around an app for ambitious sales people and entrepreneurs that want to earn seven figures per year and more.

“As a former salesman in the financial advisor markets – it took me a while to understand how/why there was always the top 1% earning more than the rest of any sales team put together. Now, the question was, how could I refine this to help other ambitious people reach the 7 figures per year using modern tech. is a sales app that isn’t conventionally there to give a quick shot in the arm motivation rather, a series of over 50 audios ranging from, 20 minute deep hypnosis audios to give your subconscious long lasting winning messages,” Matt details.

Matt, with his new ideas and fresh outlook on the financial world, is concerned about any competition. His ideas, he states, are unique, fresh, and focused on helping others. These three pieces are the elements of success to any functional business. By sticking to what he knows and ignoring the competition, he is never filled with doubt that he is putting out great and helpful products.

“I never check the competition. The reason is, it can scare you if there’s alot – is the market saturated? Or scare you that there’s not enough. Is there a market for your product? I develop a product that I would use and that I’m proud to put my name on it too,” Matt states.

Matt isn’t slowing down anytime soon. With each passing moment, he is looking and creating new opportunities for himself. He goes into detail about some of his upcoming projects below:

Covid has created HUGE opportunities. I’ve started a company to invest in luxury yachts to charter out, put together four restaurants in Brussels, London, Paris and Milan using a concept from Japan. As more Italians move from the countryside to the cities, there are huge Investment opportunities in beautiful Italian villas ideal for both people looking for the dolce vita and the ever growing holiday rental market. In particular in the underdiscovered Italian region of Umbria which offers a far lower cost of everything than its famous neighbor Tuscany, including many bonuses for those wishing to permanently move there. I have other apps in development to help overcome psychological challenges.”

To find out more about Matt, check out his two websites here and here.