King Of Content, Dontell Antonio, Is Helping Minority Owned Businesses Grow By Filling The Gap Between Content Creation And Brand Development

Dontell Antonio, better known as “The King of Content” has over 10 years of experience in the creative content field. He is not only a beyond passionate creator, but is also a business wizard. As such, he has helped entrepreneurs scale their business and make millions of dollars in the process. Most creatives only focus on the passion of creating content, but lack knowledge of the business world. Dontell understands not only how to stand out from the crowd through creative content, but also knows how to make this content resonate with businesses’ audience in order to help them grow and increase their sales and visibility. 

Dontell runs a multimedia black-owned business, Composite Media, Inc, that focuses on content and brand development for minority small businesses and entrepreneurs. By helping businesses beyond just content development, Dontell is able to build better relationships with his clients. 

“I started Composite Media, Inc to become a one-stop-shop for content. I wanted people to be able to come to us to get that mainstream polish look all around the board and trust that it would get done correctly because it was being done all under one roof, so the client doesn’t have to worry about going to another company for a service we didn’t offer,” Dontell explains. 

At Composite Media, Inc, they help businesses create content that allows these businesses to impact their audience and become recognized as an authority in their field. However, they don’t just focus on shooting the content – they work on financial strategies to be on the clients’ minds. As such, Dontell and his team help small businesses align their brands, rebrand, or start their brands, as well as create a bigger vision or reach their bigger picture. In fact, Composite Media, Inc is the “go-to” company for content and branding. 

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“My inspiration comes from wanting to help small brands and businesses get seen on a large platform and look mainstream. I enjoy seeing the caterpillar become the butterfly. Where I come from, most people don’t stop hustling and start a company; they remain small because their mindset is just to hustle and do business under the table so now I try to help them break through that type of thinking. You must take baby steps in order to grow; you can’t just rush the process. A lot of new businesses want to be big overnight and don’t realize that it takes time to reach major goals,” Dontell shares. 

When he began his journey, Dontell had to overcome certain obstacles, the biggest of which was understanding his value as more than a creator. Because people always saw he was passion-driven, they took advantage of this and undervalued him. However, once Dontell realized his worth and potential, he began to demand his value. Since then, he has been able to grow and scale. Dontell knows how important mindset is in building yourself up, as well as your business, and shares: 

“When it comes to business, your mindset must be balanced and focused on reaching your goals. You must be egoless, prideless, and open to receiving advice from the right sources. In most cases, you must re-educate yourself in order to grow, as previous lessons have taught you to be an employee rather than a business owner. Make sure to water that seed inside of you, so that it can grow and blossom into that big vision that you had all along.” 

It is through this mindset that Dontell has become as successful as he is. This year alone, Dontell was able to help hundreds of small businesses create content and get their brands in order. He was also able to help thousands of creatives learn business by putting out his first book, “Broke Creatives Don’t Make Money.” In this book, Dontell empowers creatives to understand their value, turn passion into money and scale their business. Furthermore, Dontell has also put out a mobile app, “I am a Creative,” which you can find at the Apple and Google store. 

“Everything that I do is geared towards helping people grow by using my knowledge, gifts, and resources. For the next year, I plan on scaling all this to the next level and pushing my KING OF CONTENT to the next level!” 

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