How Heinz Kaegi, Swiss Top Executive Mentor, Speaker & Bestselling Author, Found Inspiration In A Bankrupt Hotel

Heinz Kaegi is proof that if you trust yourself and your experience, the opportunity for success will come. Since 2000, when Heinz founded the the emPowerment Group, this successful corporation brought about Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd in 2016, with a team of international mentors and coaches creating a sustainable impact and shape an economy of heart. The journey to get to his current position is storied and full of twists and turns. 

Heinz began his career as an executive before branching out, seeking to change the way the managers lead both themselves and their team. As his experience grew, it was time to expand internationally. After having realized a c-level career and an in-depth experience of the business world for over a decade, Heinz was able to found his company, with a strong portfolio of moving from “hard work to heart work”. 

Looking back, despite all his current successes, Heinz will be the first to admit that in reality, it’s not all smooth sailing. One moment in particular sticks out to him as a key moment that shaped his entrepreneurial spirit, a watershed moment that impacted his path and prepared him for the next level. 

“On this beautiful sunny day, I stood on the spacious terrace of this Hotel in the Swiss Alps. I saw a closed hotel that gave the impression that its best times were long gone. In the next moment, feeling the warmth of the sun rays on my skin, there was this overwhelming mental image showing the closed hotel on the top 10 list of seminar hotels in the country, about 5 years out in the future. This all was combined with a sensation, like lightning, throughout my body,” Heinz recalls. 

After spending time with what at first seemed like a crazy idea, he buckled down to do some research for how to take his idea into reality. He talked to professionals, bankers, and politicians – all who believed that the hotel would not make it back on the market to be profitable. Instead of listening to all the naysayers, Heinz instead asked himself what he would do if it was possible, despite the opinion of disbelievers, narrowing down what it would take to turn an impossibility to an achievement of tomorrow. After 5 years of passionate teamwork with an exceptional crew of high-end professionals, his dream became reality. The hotel was now top 3 in the country! Heinz declares that the true heroes in this life-shaping experience are the crew members who led the hotel to the pinnacle of its uniqueness. In hindsight, Heinz is now able to cite this as an example of entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to never take no for an answer. 

This spirit makes Heinz and his international team  exceptional. In addition, his clients praise his in-depth familiarity with executive challenges, thanks to his international presence, and the profound impact of his invention of the globally unique LEX Leadershift Excellence™ for Life Program. 

“I am familiar with all relevant top executive themes and challenges, out of my own extensive experience from over a decade in C-level responsibilities. In the last 3 decades, on 3 continents, and in 3 languages, I have designed and conducted more than 1000 groundbreaking visionary processes of high caliber for top executives and management teams.” Heinz says

Market leaders and experts refer to Heinz as a top speaker of the international business class who dances with words, speaks the language of the heart as a soulful master of sharing stories on stage that inspire and move his audience 

In the coming year, Heinz has many exciting projects lined up to be grateful for. His worldwide “LEX Leadershift Excellence™ for Life” concept was conceived many years ago in Florida. Ever since, it’s been traveling around the globe, inspiring and challenging many thousands of executives to become who they are as leaders. In August 2021, it will return to Salt Lake City. 

“This event is not a big stage seminar with thousand spectators, this is an intimate immersion process with a limited group of hand selected personalities on the path of becoming who they are. Executives who are committed from the heart to grow beyond, producing sustainable success & fulfillment, to express their full potential as leaders. The higher cause is about leaving a legacy that creates a future for our children & the next generations,” Heinz says. 

To stay up to date, follow Heinz on Instagram. Heinz is online at his website, along with his company, Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd.