Gene Marshall is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Educator Who Wants To Transform Lives Through Business Ownership and Real Estate

Just as people cannot choose the family in which they are born, they cannot choose the place where they will be born. Consequently, there are different people who may have the luck to be born into a good family and in a friendly area, while others may be born into a good family but the place where they live is somewhat dangerous. This may impact the opportunities a given person has to get ahead.

Eugene Marshall, known as Mr. Marshall is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and educator based on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, who focuses on low income housing.

Growing up on the south side of Chicago in the Roseland community was very tough and challenging. My family never had much, so I knew I had to become extremely knowledgeable about building assets that my future family could benefit from.” 

Gene currently manages a business of real estate investing and consulting. He specializes in coaching small businesses and individuals looking to create new business.

He was inspired to work in this industry by the desire to build a large amount of wealth to have a family legacy. But moreover, the driving force behind his work lies in wanting to help expand and provide security to the low-income areas of the south side of Chicago.

Gene is the creator of a real estate course called The Renovation Game, which aims to equip anyone looking to get started in real estate with the education and resources they need to be successful. 

“The Renovation Game seeks to help thousands of people find their purpose, earn more money and change the trajectory of families’ lives through mentoring, coaching and influencing.” Gene says.

According to Gene, his course is different from any other real estate course because most courses today are more like highlight reels because everyone wants them to look perfect on the internet. 

But Gene thinks this is superficial information. What he offers is a complete breakdown from scratch where people can study both the things that do not work and the things that do. 

This course is for all types of people: people who are starting their own business, people who are in an unpleasant job and would like to start their own business, people who are tired of being limited by their income, and many others.

After years in the industry, Gene is also able to identify things like fear and overcome it. Fear in a broad sense is something that can protect us from danger, but when it comes to business, fear can be dangerous, as it can paralyze or prevent the person from achieving progress on the road to their goal.

“For me, fear is false expectations that appear real, it is a future event that has not yet occurred therefore fear is a false perception.” Gene adds.

On the other side of the coin there is success. Depending on the point of view of the person, success is one thing or another. For some it is having a lot of money, fame, being recognized, or owning many material goods. For others success means being able to positively change the lives of many people.

“For me success is infinite, that is, there is no limit to the number of people I can help and serve. Success for me is becoming the best version of myself so that I can inspire someone else to be the best version of themselves.” Gene states.

Gene differentiates himself from his competition because he focuses on creating and providing more value to the market. He believes that “professionals create, while amateurs compete.”

“My next project is to train over 10,000 students on how to get started in real estate through my real estate course ‘The Renovation Game.’”

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