From An Education Degree To Becoming A DJ and A Business Owner, Ramon House Tells Us His Story About How He Created His Own Destiny

Ramon House is better known to some as Djk.o_, a DJ who works at many clubs around Chicago and its surrounding cities. As a DJ, Ramon House performs at concerts, parties, festivals, and private events. In addition to his DJing business, Ramon is the owner of T3mple, an American lifestyle clothing brand that produces clothing and accessories for both men and women. T3mple is an ecommerce business that also sells to consumers on a hands on basis and has expanded from Chicago to Los Angeles and Atlanta. 

Ramon has a unique story that led him to where he is today. He was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, but moved to Oak Park, IL at the age of 12, where he quickly developed a love for skateboarding and street fashion. Previously, Ramon would be called a “weirdo” or seen as “different” because of the way he dressed and his passion for skateboarding, however, he was finally allowed to be himself in this new neighborhood. Later on, he became a popular college DJ, and started to grow on social media, as well as through word of mouth amongst students on different college campuses. After graduating with a degree in Physical Education, Ramon decided to leave this behind and become a bigger DJ and Fashion Influencer. 

“Everyday I had my friends and family ask me if I’m ever going to use my degree in education and it was hard telling them NO every time. I felt like I was letting my family down. I overcame this obstacle by treating my entrepreneurial life like a full time career and it started to pay off. I started DJing for more places and my clothing brand started to expand more,” Ramon tells us. 

While it may have taken time and effort for other people to see and understand his vision, Ramon had it clear from the start. He did not want to have a typical clothing brand, but instead stand out from the crowd and show people his creativity. 

“Most people who start clothing brands all have the same blueprint, make a logo and put it on shirts and hoodies. I wanted to create different graphics, materials, and proportions,” Ramon explains. 

Ramon wanted people who buy his products to feel like they have something special and exclusive. Hence, instead of just being a logo brand, Ramon creates different products with unique graphics every time he releases a new product. At the same time, he differentiates his brand by using celebrity models, which creates more of a luxury feel to the brand. 

“Don’t be afraid to take risks and invest in yourself. I chose not to use my degree but to become a full time dj and fashion designer. Most people don’t make it to be either but I invest all my time and energy into it and it’s starting to pay off for me. You have to invest in yourself mentally and financially. Once you grow your mindset your financial situation will change,” states Ramon. 

Ramon has some upcoming projects including a Summer line in which he will be releasing shorts, t-shirts, hats, and much more. This will be his biggest release to date, as he will be working with different Chicago artists during this release, which will also be featured in multiple pop-up shops around Chicago and Los Angeles. 

His businesses as a DJ and Fashion Designer have allowed Ramon to build the life he dreamt of and enjoy the freedom that comes with financial success. As such, he hopes to keep building his business, and keep taking his music and fashion across the United States and the world. 

“Financial freedom is the reason I chose to be an entrepreneur. Being financially free gives you more time to do what you want to do and have fun. Working for someone else doesn’t give you that luxury. Your mindset is the most important and the first thing you must attend to when starting your own business. You have to think like an owner before owning a business,” states Ramon. 

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