From A Concierge Job To Business Owner, Ismael Cintron Shares His Story On How He Started M.I.C Services

Ismael Cintron, owner and founder of M.I.C. Services, quit his 9-5 job to become the first business owner in his family. He did this not just for himself, but in order to create the financial freedom he desired in order to be there for his family. Ismael was raised by a single mother of five children, which taught him the value of hard work from early on. In fact, having been raised in a poor community, with little to no opportunities, was his first motivating factor. When he started M.I.C. Services, he was working evening shifts in concierge and would work on his company before and after work. Without any help from anyone, Ismael was able to create a successful business through persistence and hard work. 

M.I.C. Services is a both commercial and residential cleaning business based in New York City. The business specializes in daily cleanings, periodic cleanings, deep cleanings, and end-of-tenancy cleanings. They also provide other services such as painting, flooring, carpentry, virucidal disinfectants, etc. Having recently expanded the business to New Jersey, Ismael wishes to continue expanding to other regions within the U.S.

“When working on starting a company you need to have a business mindset and the word “fear” should not be part of your vocabulary. Fear is for the weak and you need to be strong to deal with all the obstacles that come your way when you decide to become a business owner,” says Ismael. 

As Ismael says, fear only holds you back in business, where you need to keep moving forward despite any obstacles. While having a startup business is a challenge in itself, a positive mindset and passion for the industry kept Ismael going. “You want to be sure that you select something that you are very passionate about and willing to work hard towards making that business successful,” Ismael shares. 

Every day, Ismael puts his best foot forward in order to keep his business growing. He ensures that M.I.C. Services caters to its customers needs and leads his business in a very hands on manner in order to continue to grow. This year, Ismael’s main focus is to begin looking into expanding the business to other states, as well as continue to expand his team with valuable and trustworthy members. 

Learn more about M.I.C Services through its webpage. They are also available on Instagram here