Founder & CEO of Young Management & Consulting, Demonstrates the Success of Playing to Your Strength and Responding to a Gap in the Market

As a first generation college graduate, Brandon Young has always been motivated to do great things. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and beginning his career in the corporate world, he decided to strike out on his own. In 2015, he founded Young Management & Consulting, pushing YMC from a start up to a fully functional small business.

“I am a certified project management professional with a masters in engineering construction management. What makes me unique is the fact that I am one of the most extroverted engineers one may meet yet can relate to the most introverted individuals,” Brandon outlines.

As President & CEO, Brandon leads a small, certified disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) specializing in strategic project management and controls, sourcing/procurement, construction management, and software development services. YMC helps companies successfully minimize safety risks, reduce costs, enhance revenue, and increase profits while keeping their business objectives in mind. 

“We have deep expertise in handling large-scale capital projects primarily focused on the energy sector, especially utilities and gas infrastructure space, with a goal to grow into being a full turnkey provider. Whether it’s the need for turnkey solutions or staff augmentation for project management, project controls and construction management, YMC has the capacity to lead them all. We are keenly focused on innovation and lean continuous improvement in everything we do, which is a significant value add for our clients,” Brandon says. 

Brandon has always had a clear mind in how he’s able to differentiate himself from the competition to address a need in the marketplace. As of recently, he’s excited to have many new projects in the works to do just that. Brandon is focusing his team’s efforts on digitization of processes in order to be more efficient, allowing them to be consolidated in an interactive manner. 

“Our goal at Young Management is to figure out how to leverage all the data generated by our customers and make it more useful along with executing projects more efficiently by utilizing and developing technology,” Brandon explains.

In addition, Brandon’s team will be focusing on three new vertical integrations: energy, including electric & gas utilities and renewable energy; technology, including software development and application development; and finally infrastructure, including telecommunications work. 

“We are looking forward to being able to deliver and leverage the technology component to our clients, whether that be through technology solutions or construction best practices. Our team consistently focuses on investing in the employees of our clients and their potential growth, equally to taking advantage of existing technology. YMC prides ourselves on personalizing the experience we have with each client. We truly believe that you can’t talk about the solution to the problem without investing in people first,” Brandon says.

With that mindset, it is no surprise that Young Management Consulting has been named one of the Top 10 firms to be on the lookout for in 2021. Seeing a gap in the market, Brandon sought to fill it in the best way he knew how, proving he montizes his innate skills to the best of his ability, always playing to his strengths rather than fitting himself into an industry mold. 

“I saw the need for extroverted technical professionals that understand the work, are able to communicate effectively, and have proven ability to be structured. Additionally, having experience working for large and small corporations we understand where big and small companies miss the mark in regards to employee and customer centricity in our industry. We are inspired by our ability to fill that gap. We know what our customers want and understand the shift in the manner in how employees like to work,” Brandon says. 

YMC can be found at their website, and Brandon himself can be found on LinkedIn