Educating People on the Financial Tools They Should Have Learned In School, Andrew Marason Created a Business for the Everyday Person to Learn More About their Finances

A difficult start to life can have long lasting effects on the children who have to endure it. Whether those effects are negative or positive depends on the circumstances and the lessons that families take out of it. For Andrew Marason, he saw what struggling to make ends meet did to his parents and decided that he never wanted to do that to his children.

“I was struggling to find my way in life and while growing up, we never had the things many would consider “essential” to have. Knowing I had to make a way for myself to be the shining light in my family, gave me the motivation to find my niche and excel the best I can,” Andrew recounts.

Andrew was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida where many people, like himself, did not fully understand the world of finances and credit. In fact, many people around the country struggle with this problem and do not realize how much a lasting impact it can have on their lives. This is because we do not learn all that we need to in school and then are expected to fully understand the ins and outs of a complicated financial system. Andrew decided to step in and make a difference instead of letting people continue on a cycle of poverty.

“I run a personal financial education business that focuses on helping the everyday person and business get back on track financially and to better navigate the financial aspects that we were never able to learn in school.

The aspect of helping people is what got me into this industry. I’ve always been the person to always lend a helping hand and when I see people struggling, my first reaction is to do what I can to help them. Financial planning and credit restoration allows me to help ease the financial burden placed on many whether they came across hardships in life and to better prepare them for the next step in their life,” Andrew states.

Andrew is trying to make a real difference in people’s lives and he does so in numerous ways. What makes Andrew not just another name in the financial education industry is that he has seen what bad financial circumstances can do firsthand. In addition, he is not just another suit, but is just your average guy trying to make a difference in people’s lives.

“I’m an average everyday person who doesn’t fit the “professional suit and tie norm”. I have tattoos, I wear fitteds, I wear streetwear clothing. I do not turn anyone away and I always do my best to reply to everyone of every walk of life and If you are struggling and need help, reach out. Let me help you. My motto is quality over quantity. I preach that I am the financial consultant to the “streets”. I am your everyday person who has managed to help hundreds of people and businesses achieve financial success and to get a second chance at being able to be unburdened from the financial stress that the schools never taught you,” Andrew says.

As he continues to run his business and help people, he also has some exciting new projects in the new year. He details them below: 

“We have some exciting things in the pipeline. I have rebranded into the credit plug and our new site launches early January and I will be scaling out to new audiences nationwide and offering more opportunities for people to learn and understand how they can scale their personal and business financial goals.”

To find out more about Andrew, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.