Consortium 39: The Office of The Wealthy Politicians of Mexico

Today we reveal what a political campaign is in the richest and most advanced state of Mexico: Nuevo León

If we believe in Monterey, the financial capital of Mexico only 200 km south of Texas is on the way to being the first world, we will have to review this various times.

A leak of CABLES between different American agencies and their counterpart in Mexico revealed CONSORSIO 39: a strategic commercial alliance of accountants and tax lawyers.

Its objective: to allow politicians to use their ill-gotten money freely.

His method: money laundering in tax havens using banks in Dubai, the Caribbean, and European tax havens, arranged marriages and simulation of competition between candidates for governor and high government officials.

Its Partners: first-degree relatives of no more and no less than 3 of the 4 leading gubernatorial candidates in that state: Filiberto de la Garza, brother of Adrian De La garza (PRI candidate) and partner of Fernando Larrazabal (PAN candidate); Samuel Orlando Garcia Mascorro, Jorge Gerardo Rodriguez, father and father-in-law of Samuel Garcia (MC candidate); Alejandro Medina de la Cruz, brother of former governor Rodrigo Medina.

The investigation file, which consists of more than 2,500 pages under the reference Class 7418, and signed by multiple agencies and among them they detail the relationship between the candidates for governor in NL of the PRI, Adrián de la Garza, Fernando Larrabal of the PAN and Samuel Gacía of MC.

The PRI candidate, Adrián de la Garza, is linked to the other candidates for governor by documents that reveal transfers of several million dollars from Adrian de la Garza’s brother and even mentions of his involvement in the Royal Casino fire.

In the case of the MC Candidate, Samuel García, these cables record the millionaire bank transfers of Samuel García’s family, to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Monaco.

This includes the account statements of Roberto García Sepúlveda, the candidate’s brother, in banks such as the Dubai Islamic Bank for 8 million dollars. They also reveal their properties with addresses at Zahra Breeze Apartment, 23A.

This same bank registers deposits in a couple of months, for more than 3 million dollars by Jorge G. Rodríguez Valdéz, the father-in-law of Samuel García, father of Mariana Rodríguez. The address declared by his father-in-law in Dubai l is: Zahra Breeze Apartment, 24A, right next to Samuel’s brother.

The files show how Jorge G. Rodríguez Valdéz, Samuel García’s father-in-law, makes multiple transfers to an influential figure in Nuevo León politics, with an account at Rabobank Bank in the Netherlands. He is the brother of a former governor of Nuevo León, perhaps the most controversial due to his accusations of corruption. Alejandro Medina de la Cruz, brother of Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz.

There is a detailed record of the transfers for more than 125 million dollars, of obscure origin, from the law firm of Samuel Garcia Mascorro, triangulated to countries called tax havens.

Three days ago, the newspaper REFORMA revealed that the 3rd candidate for governor, Fernando Larrazabal, for this Consortium via the company Proyectos del Cerro de la Silla SA de CV in which he is linked to Filiberto de la Garza, brother of the candidate of the PRI to the governorship and who went from a fortune declared in 2000 of 12,000,000 (650,000 USD to a current one of 1,200,000 pesos (65 million USD).

The investigation on consortium 39 reveals the complicity between Samuel García, Rodrigo Medina, Fernando Larrazabal and Adrian de la Garza. 3 of them are currently running for governor. This research will continue to give a lot to talk about.