Chris Groves, CEO of Capital Groves: Embodiment of the American Dream, Now Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Chris Groves is the CEO of Groves Capital, a mortgage lending company broker and banker. It offers over 550 lenders and 1,000 options. This family owned business started with 2 clients and grew to have more than 630 in 3 years. It began in San Diego, California, but now has expanded across 25 states in the US.

“We know that each client has unique needs; we’ve built a reputation of being able to deliver a broad menu of options for our clients while maintaining a great service and timely delivery”, states the company. 

It takes today’s technology into advantage, guaranteeing the best service to their clients. Through its website, people can upload their information to complete and secure a loan application or pre-qualify for a home loan. The webpage also allows users to check different financing options with interactive calculators and evaluate scenarios and search for properties. They want to make the experience as simple as possible.  

Chris and his wife’s initial motivation to start Groves Capital was to facilitate their business and have a long term solution to help their clients and make money for their family. In the beginning, Chris shares that the biggest challenge was to grow their reputation. “Gaining others’ trust is the key to success and we had to go above and beyond in our services to attract the right partners”, he states. 

They started with nothing, shares Chris. They funded the entire operations from their savings and sweet equity. With hard work and dedication, they managed to experience college, raise 2 children, buy houses while building and growing Groves Capital without anyone else’s investment.

When talking about his professional career, Chirs states that there were “no shortcuts: just rise and grind and never say not to opportunities. Sacrificing my time to succeed but it was necessary to accomplish my goals.”  

Nowadays, Groves Capital has been nominated as the fastest growing mortgage company with a 5 star standard by The New York Times. It appeared in a Bloomberg’s TV show as the world’s greatest lending platform. It has attained numerous awards for top productions and has received 5 stars on every review platform by its users.

When distinguishing itself from others, the company focuses on technology and an ease of use for its partners to run their business and achieve success. Just as it’s stated in its website, Groves Capital is a direct lender nationwide, provides fast approvals, offers the best rates, is an outside the box lending platform, and possesses jumbo loans.

Chris moved to California 15 years ago with only 300 dollars, no car, no job; only dreams, goals and determination. “I focused on outworking everyone in the room and being a person of my word and following through to create a network and business I’m proud of”, he shares. 

He is the embodiment of the American dream, so right now, Chris wants to help others to fulfill this as well. He is working on his motivational speaking tour, the “110% movement”, where with his story and experience, he wants to inspire others to achieve their goals and help them create a roadmap to create their success.