Aleksejs Leal Owns 25 Companies, His Focus Now is To Share His Expertise To Help Others Grow E-Commerce Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about changes in all areas of daily life, and one of them is in the commerce industry. Many small business owners were forced to immerse themselves in the digital world to avoid having to close their businesses permanently.

Indeed, not everything is bad–sometimes you just have to look carefully and you will discover something good in a bad situation. While a traditional business limits you in terms of the number of customers you can have, a digital business does not. 

In particular, e-commerce has among its advantages that they are open to all people around the world who can access the internet. This in turn leads to a higher profit for the company. 

But there has been e-commerce for some years now. So how do you know what to do to start having sales and grow within the e-commerce world? Aleksejs Leal is thankfully willing to share his extensive experience in e-commerce to help others succeed too.

Aleksejs is a businessman, entrepreneur, and author, who with more than 8 years of experience in the e-commerce field and selling on different marketplaces like Amazon, Mercadolibre, Walmart, Shopify, and eBay has written a guide to help people start their e-commerce journey.

I wrote a book ‘How to sell on’ and ‘How to sell on MercadoLibre’, a guide that shows how Amazon and Mercadolibre work. The books help people who are looking to start their e-commerce journey.” Aleksejs says.

Aleksejs was always into business. When he was a child, he would sell flowers he would receive from his neighbors. Years later, after completing his professional training, he got started with a business consulting firm, but it was his curiosity towards e-commerce that has led him to join that industry.

After graduating, I set up my business consulting firm, and I did not do badly. But because of curiosity towards e-commerce, I partnered with my friends to start selling vitamins and supplements on Amazon.” Aleksejs shares.

Before he got started, Aleksejs had always dreamed of doing something big. When he started noticing the boom that e-commerce started to have, he opened his first online business selling on Amazon.

In his process, Aleksejs had a lot of support, which is fundamental and helped him learn about e-commerce more smoothly. As he faced different challenges along the way, he found his biggest motivation was the gratification of overcoming an obstacle. 

Aleksejs also teaches free classes for e-commerce sellers or people who aspire to be e-commerce sellers. He is part of the world’s largest meetup group called Wizards of Ecom, where he participates as a speaker. 

This meetup is crucial since when people are surrounded by like-minded people, it often leads to great ideas and provides a source of inspiration. It was when Aleksejs saw himself surrounded by people passionate about the e-commerce industry that he decided to join it.

“My advice to people starting their own business is to choose the right business for you. What is your passion? It would be best to find the things that you can fill, the things that you want to fill. In that way, you can produce enough income to build a profitable business. Lastly, know yourself. Ask yourself first, what are you willing to give up reaching that goal?” Aleksejs states.

Besides the meetup, Aleksejs also hosts a podcast called “Wizard of eCom” in Spanish where he talks about e-commerce and his experience. He started this podcast to create a greater impact and reach more people.

As a risk-taker who is not afraid to learn from his mistakes stands out from his competition because he understands that failure is an essential part of the experimental process that leads to success. 

“I already own 25 companies so my aim right now is to help people grow and succeed. I am helping them by offering free coaching services related to e-commerce platforms.” He says.

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