A Voice For Their Community: Learn How The Hibbert Group Built a Real Estate Platform to Support Others

While many real estate groups find success in growing wealth for themselves and their clients, few have the mindset that they could use their success to help bring others in their community. Fortunately, The Hibbert Group, led by Claudienne Hibbert-Smith, keeps this goal as one of the pillars of their business. 

Supported by their 20 decades of experience in the real estate business, The Hibbert Group offers many services to their clients on top of servicing buyers and sellers in both residential and commercial sectors. In addition, they offer coaching to help clients expand their real estate portfolio and offer products and access to a community that lead to a more fulfilling life and career balance. Looking to join Claudienne’s Community – click here.

In addition to Claudienne’s work in real estate, she also supports a health and wealth business, Total Life Changes, that supports their clients to be healthy beings. Claudiene is able to combine the wellness of her clients with the opportunity to create additional streams of income for them. The top earner in the company alongside others, have been able to purchase homes and pay them off with income earned just by taking care of her health. It just makes sense- you get paid to take care of your health. 

In all aspects of The Hibbert Group’s holdings, their goal is to make money, but not for the reasons you may think. In fact, their founder has been steadfast in stating their financial goals are to put them in a position to be able to give back to the community. 

As those around her can clearly see, economic success has not deterred The Hibbert Group’s founder, Claudienne, from selflessly giving back. Her foundation is rooted in community service and is the primary reason she gives back to the community. She tirelessly gives her time to organize events with her 501 C 3 non-profit organization, Claudy Cares Foundation. As a result of her community involvement, she was honored with the first ever Humanitarian Unsung Hero Award from the Keyes Company, Claudienne continues to be a pillar of her community. 

“I truly believe in alignment. I believe that when you exercise a certain level of discipline, I believe breakthroughs will begin to occur. Working in my field has allowed me to not be in the rat race! Financial freedom is the number of days you can survive without you or any family member doing physical work, and still maintaining your standard of living,” Claudienne says. 

Claudienne has been able to achieve all she has with the Hibbert Group while fighting to earn her space in an industry that is largely dominated by white males when she first started. She is able to differentiate herself from the competition by thinking positively, setting goals, and working towards them. She calls herself, not just a realtor, but an educator of others hoping to follow suit. 

In the coming year, Claudienne has much to look forward to, including creating a thousand new homeowners and or investors, beginning her television career as the start of Everything Real Estate and fulfilling her dream of becoming the Ellen Degeneres of Real Estate, and finally, continuing her coaching services on stages around the United States. Claudienne alongside the Hibbert Group is looking forward to discussing and sharing her insights on topics such as: How To Create a Portfolio for Real Estate, and How to Increase Your Real Estate Sales. 

For those looking to follow in her footsteps, Claudienne encourages aspiring real estate professionals and entrepreneurs to keep their vision in mind. After that first step, she encourages them to state the vision clearly by writing it down and making it clear, create a plan around it, remember the vision and goal, and finally, to start the work. 

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